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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
The easiest way to place an order is via our online order form. Click on the
Place an Order button above and select Online order form. Fill in all of your contact details making sure you complete all mandatory fields (failure to do so may result in your order not being processed). Refer to the appropriate section (eg. Feline) for information about ordering sashes, ribbons and rosettes, but in general we require 3 pieces of information for each ordered item:

  • The sizes and quantity of your sashes/ribbons/rosettes
  • The colours of the material(s)/tiers and print
  • What you'd like printed on them (eg. Top line, Middle line and Bottom line, class, placing etc.)

eg. A portion of your order might look a little like this:

5 off HEP654 - 6"x54" plain sash. Maroon with gold print.
Top Line: (logo) - MACKAY & DISTRICT ADULT RIDING CLUB INC. - (logo)
Middle Line: Champion Senior Rider
Bottom Line: ANNUAL SHOW 2019

Or for some rosettes:

20 off RB300-70 - Red, White and Blue 3 tier rosette with White button and gold print
Whittlesea Agricultural Society Inc.

Once you've listed all of your required items, click on the Submit Form button and you're done. You'll receive an email within 24 hours confirming that we've received your order. Please call us on (03) 9465 7957 if you do not receive that email. We may not have received your order.

Alternatively, you can email your order to us in Word, Excel or .pdf format. Simply type up your order in your preferred program, save it to your Desktop (a filename like Doongala_Order_2019.xls makes life easier.) Complete your contact and delivery details in the Online order form as per normal and click on the Send Email Attachment button at the bottom of the page. This will open your default email program and you'll be able to attach your .word, .xls or .pdf document from the Desktop. Once again, a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours telling you that we've received your order. Please call us on (03) 9465 7957 if you do not receive that email.

Thirdly, we have recently added a printable order form for those people who prefer a handwritten form which can then be faxed or posted to us. Our fax number is (03) 9464 1305. We do not call when orders are received in this fashion so it is good practice to call us for confirmation. Faxes disappear when you are counting on them the most.

We do not accept verbal orders over the phone under any circumstances. All orders must be in writing.

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What's the difference between a ribbon and a sash?
By definition, a ribbon becomes a sash when it is fringed. For the purpose of the exercise, have a quick browse around our website - wherever you see the word SASH you can rightly assume that the item listed is supplied with fringing. Conversely, wherever you see the word RIBBON the item will be supplied without fringing.

So, to make life easier when ordering:

  • If you want it fringed, call it a SASH
  • If you don't want it fringed, call it a RIBBON

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What colours are available?
We pride ourselves on having the largest range of available colours of any ribbon and sash manufacturer in Australia. Our range of satin fabric contains over 60 colours, some of which are exclusive to us. A photo-realistic colour chart has been developed to more accurately portray the full gamut of our range. Despite our best efforts, there will be some unavoidable variation from the screenshots to the actual fabric. They are for illustrative purposes only. Click Here to view our online colour chart.

Customers with a photo-quality printer might like to print out a hard copy of our colour chart for their own use by utilising our Printable Colour Chart listed in the Colour Chart pull down menu. It has been prepared and is ready to be printed onto Quality Glossy Photo Paper (eg. Epson, Fuji, Kodak, etc.) at Best Photo setting.

An exclusive new program developed by Computer Sashes allows you to try different sash and rosette colour schemes in real time with the click of your mouse. We believe it will revolutionise the selection of your rosette and sash colours.

Click Here to start our Sash Colour Selector program.

Click Here to start our Rosette Colour Selector program.

Colours may vary from dye batch to dye batch and we reserve the right to change colours subject to availability at any time.

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Are there any setup costs?
Setup costs are incorporated into the cost of each item. Orders under $20 excluding postage may be charged an additional $9.00 small order fee. Sponsor/Donated sashes add $6.50 per sponsor but if you have 10 sashes all with the same sponsor you'll only pay the $6.50 once.

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What's the difference between Economy, Standard and Deluxe fringing?
We offer three variants when fringing your sashes - Economy, Standard and Deluxe fringing:

Economy Fringed Sashes
Straight sash with heavy bullion fringe applied to the front face only. This is our default fringe application.

Economy Fringe

Standard Fringed Sashes
Straight sash with heavy bullion fringe applied to the front and back to give a more luxurious feel. To specify Standard fringing when ordering your sashes, simply include it like in your order like so:

1 off SST636 - 6"x36" TriColour Standard Sash. Black/Gold/Red with gold print.
Top Line: (logo) - German Shepherd Club of NSW Inc. - (logo)
Middle Line: Runner Up to BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW

Standard Fringe

Deluxe Fringed Sashes
Straight sash with pointed ends, heavy bullion fringed front and back providing additional prestige. To specify Deluxe fringing when ordering your sashes, include it in your order form like so:

1 off HDT672 - 6"x72" TriColour Deluxe Sash. Kingfisher/Aqua/Peacock with silver print.
Top Line: (logo) - Victorian Arabian Horse Association Inc. - (logo)
Bottom Line: Foal Show 2019

Deluxe Fringe

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Which are the economy 2" place ribbon colours?
All 66 ribbon colours in our range are now available at the same economy rate. (We no longer charge extra for premium colours)

Click Here to view our full colour chart.

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How long do I need to order prior to the show?
We request 4-6 weeks notice prior to your show to ensure timely delivery and fairness to all clubs. Urgent orders may be subject to a 20% surcharge.


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Can I order different print colours?
We have 11 different foil print colours available. Gold and silver are supplied at no extra cost, others incur an extra cost per ribbon or sash as illustrated in this table:

EXTRA COST per ribbon/sash

Fringe colour matches print colour wherever possible (excludes rainbow and jellybean print).

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What is Braiding and what does it cost?
Braiding is a woven lurex piping which is applied to the top and botton edges of a plain sash or along the inner seams of a tricolour sash. The colour of the braid always matches the print colour so it is offered in gold and silver only. The application of braiding gives the completed sash a more prestigious, substantial look. It can be added to any sash but does tend to work best with deluxe or standard fringed sashes.

SDP436 Deluxe Sash with gold brading   SDT742 chocolate, cream, coffee with gold print, fringe and braiding   SDT736 cardinal, white, cerise with gold print, deluxe fringe and braiding

Braiding adds between $8.30 to $14.80 depending on the sash length.
SASH LENGTH 24" 30" 36" 42" 48" 54" 60" 72"

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How do bulk prices work?
We offer discounts for multiple sashes, ribbons, comets and rosettes where they all have the same print.

For example:
- Tallarook Pony Club orders a quantity of 100 x 2"x54" place ribbons:

All in gold print to say: "Tallarook Pony Club"
- Horse's head at each end -

25 off 2"x54" Electric place ribbons
25 off 2"x54" Red place ribbons
25 off 2"x54" White place ribbons
25 off 2"x54" Emerald place ribbons

They do not have placings printed on them and since they all have the same print (ie. Tallarook Pony Club) we can offer the 91+ price which is $1.38 per ribbon. If the ribbons did have 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place printed on them, the price would be derived from the 21+ listing which is $2.04 (see below.)

2"X54" 1+ 11+ 21+ 31+ 41+ 51+ 61+ 71+ 81+ 91+ 101+



- Bunyip Adult Riding Club orders 200 rosettes:

All fitted with hooks: to say "Bunyip Adult Riding Club Inc. Dressage Day 2019"
- Dressage Horse & Rider motif -

50 x RB300-70 rosette in Red/White/Blue JACKPOT CHAMPION
50 X RB300-70 rosettes in Purple: JACKPOT RESERVE CHAMPION
50 x RB200-70 in White: THIRD PLACE
50 x RB200-70 in Emerald: FOURTH PLACE

Two Tier   1-10 11-30 31-60 61-100 101-200 201-300 301+ 400+
Three Tier   1-10 11-30 31-60 61-100 101-200 201-300 301+ 400+

The rosettes all have a placing on them so we offer the 31-60 price for each. Therefore, the RB300-70 will cost $7.40 each and the RB200-70 rosettes will cost $5.15 each (see below).

- Bendigo Kennel and Obedience Club orders 120 Best of Breed sashes:

120 off 4"x30" Gold sashes with gold print to say "Bendigo Kennel and Obedience Dog Club"

We can use the 100+ ribbon price as they all have the same print. We then add the cost of fringing for a 4" ribbon
eg. $2.57 (ribbon) + $1.09 (fringing) = $3.66

4"x30" Place Ribbon
$3.20 $3.15 $3.10 $3.05 $3.00 $2.95 $2.82 $2.72 $2.63 $2.57 $2.39 $2.16 $2.14

RIBBON SIZE 2" 3" 4" 6" 7"
Not Available

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Can I include our club logo?
The simple answer is yes. On rosettes, it can be incorporated into the centre button design at no extra cost. If we already have your logo on file we can include it on your ribbons and sashes at no extra cost. If we are manufacturing ribbons for your club for the first time and you would like to include your logo (or those of your sponsors) there will be a one off charge of $50 per logo for the manufacture of a metal die (large dies will cost extra). Your logo is then kept on file forever and will be used on instruction for subsequent orders at no cost to your club.

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How do I pay for the order?
unless prior arrangements have been made. A proforma invoice will be sent upon submission of your order and will require payment prior to dispatch. We accept cash, cheque, credit card (Mastercard and Visa only) and Direct Deposit payments. Payment can be made over the phone by credit card by giving us a call on (03) 9465 7957 NZ customers please deduct 10% GST from listed prices. Please note: a 1.5% surcharge is applied to all credit card payments.

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How are our goods delivered?
All goods are sent by either Australia Post EParcel or Express Post.

Please ensure to include your delivery address, daytime phone number and due date on all orders (ASAP is not a date.)

Please check your parcel as soon as it arrives. Claims for missing items will be not be accepted after the event has been held.


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Why can't I view the Sash and Rosette Colour Selector programs

You may need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Click on the image to download for free: Flash Button


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