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By definition, a ribbon becomes a sash when it is fringed. The style and size of sash normally ordered depends upon the type of event but we have listed some general information to make choosing a sash a lot easier. More specific information regarding sizes and pricing can be found under each category in the Type of Event menu above. Generally speaking, we require 3 pieces of information to print your sashes:

  • The sizes and quantities of your sashes
  • The colour(s) of the sashes and print
  • What you'd like printed on them (eg. Top line, Middle line and Bottom line)

What styles are available?

Plain, Bicolour & Tricolour Sashes
Straight sash with fringing at both ends. Sashes are available in plain (one-colour), bicolour (two colours) and tricolour (three colours) configurations to cater for all requirements

HEP654 electric with gold print   SEB430 black, white with gold print   SET636 red, black, red with gold print
Plain Sash
Bicolour Sash
Tricolour Sash

Economy Sashes
Straight sash with fringe applied to the front face only. This is the default style unless otherwise specified

Economy Fringe       HEP654 purple with gold print
Economy Fringe

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Standard Sashes
Straight sash with fringe applied to the front and back to give a weightier, more luxurious feel

Standard Fringe       SET636 black, burnt orange, black with silver print
Standard Fringe

Deluxe Sashes
Straight sash with pointed ends fringed front and back providing additional prestige

Deluxe Fringe       SDT736 cardinal, white, cerise with gold print, deluxe fringe and braiding
Deluxe Fringe

Braided Sashes
Lurex braiding is attached to the top and bottom edges of plain sashes or along the inner seams of tricolour sashes to provide the ultimate in eye catching effects

SDP436 Deluxe Sash with gold brading   SDT742 chocolate, cream, coffee with gold print, fringe and braiding  

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V-Neck Horse Sashes
V-shaped sash with machine stitched midpoint for draping around a horse's neck. We suggest a minimum 6”x72” for most adult horse breeds but 6”x84” for large and heavy breeds. Miniature horse and pony clubs may suffice with 6”x60” sizing . You might also like to include a matching multi-tier or petal rosette for added visual impact at your presentations. V-neck equine sashes are available in all of the configurations listed above (ie. plain, bicolour, tricolour, deluxe, braided etc.)

VNECK672TRI maroon, candy, azalea with gold print
NECK772TRI steel navy, white, emerald with gold print
VNECK772TRI light grey, white, light grey with silver print
6"x72" Tricolour V-Neck Sash
7"x72" Tricolour V-Neck Sash
7"x72" Tricolour V-Neck Sash

Click Here for information about rosettes.

Body Sashes
Also known as shoulder sashes, our body sashes are designed to be worn over the shoulder and across the body at events such as debutante balls, corporate promotions, pageants, hen’s parties, 21st birthdays, etc. A wide range of sizes are available to suit adults, juveniles, babies and children. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements. Discounts apply for large orders

2"x48" Baby Body Sash, saxe with gold print   3"x48" Baby Body Sash, steel navy with gold print   6"x72" body sash, electric with silver print

I don't know which colours to choose?
Try our exclusive Sash Colour Selector program. Click Here to see what your sashes will look like with different colour schemes.

Can I order different print colours?
We have 11 different foil print colours available. Gold and silver are supplied at no extra cost, others incur an extra cost per sash as illustrated in this table:

EXTRA COST per sash


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